Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catching up

I finally found my photo-uploader-chordy-thing, so I am back on track now! Lots of crazy stuff has happened since I graduated, so here is a quick run through:
Graduation- May 9, 2009:

Trail Ridin with my sister Kimberly:

Kitty Kat Photo shoot (Chai couldn't wait for the hammock to be assembled fully...*sigh*):

Barrel racing around the burn pile:

Lawn Time (they're both almost shed out now- just hairy legs left!):

The Wranglers and Riders 4H show went well, even though we only had about 20 riders show up. We broke even, but had some sponsors come though, so all worked out there. Unfortunately, my pictures did not...

Trail Ridin with TrailridinRN (mom!) on the Landsburg trails/pipeline after coming out of the hills. It was quite muddy...palomino isn't good enough for Starlett anymore, lol!:

Mercy and I went to our first REAL gaming show this morning! I don't have any pictures (only video...kinda....) and I am too tired to continue, but I will write something up real soon.


jrosey said...

Great series of pics! The kitty photoshoot is great & I love the barrel racin' around the burn pile. Classic!!

Paint Girl said...

Love the kitty pictures! Great shots!
Looks like you had a great trail ride!
I am also so glad the shedding season is almost over!