Monday, June 8, 2009

Catching up...again

Wow, what a week! It started out with me washing and waxing the trailer. This only happens once a year and since we don’t have a cover for it, of any kind, I try my best to get it looking real good during that time. Of course, Chai helped for a while…

until she found a better spot to sleep… *sigh*

I am unable to remove the mats at this time (the previous owner glued them down when they replaced the floor right before we bought it) so I crawled under the trailer and checked them that way. It took two days, but I got the trailer washed and waxed. Of course it took another day or two to replace the tack! I didn’t want to use it! Tee Hee!

Mercy, Star, and I went on some pretty nice trail rides this past week too. On our first ride, I rode Star and ponied Mercy. Star was moving right out and Mercy was enjoying the opportunity to eat everything along the trail. We headed over to the lake and once again there was a couple fishing, so we detoured around them. After stopping for a quick snack, we continued on our way. We started home after a while and stopped by the creek. Star reluctantly went in, while Mercy literally dove in! She went right for the deepest part of the creek and I thought she was going to roll, but I think Star’s pawing distracted her…and then she forgot. She splashed around for a while until she put her head into the water too deep.

On one of the freakin’ HOT days we had this past week, my sister, Kimberly, helped me bathe the horses. I had bought Mercy a new Medicated shampoo for her itchies… I still don’t know what’s causing this, neither does the vet. I’m thinking fir tar, bug bites, or sweat. Until I figure it out, I will continue to do my best to help relieve Mercy of her aggravating and destructive itchies.

Star's obligatory "You can't get my mane wet, even from the other side!!!" I won...

Java got a bath too… and then found a nice resting spot…

Then I rode Mercy a ponied Star the next day. Mercy walks so fast that Star basically trots the whole time. It’s good for her. I thought she would try eating like Mercy does when she’s ponied, but she didn’t. What a good girl! Once again, we did a few looper trails, but it was so hot already at 10:30AM, so I pointed them back home. We stopped by the creek for a quick drink, them not me, and this time Star dove in! That’s pretty brave for her. She will never refuse to go into water, but she doesn’t love it. I was quite impressed.

The next evening, I saddled up Mercy and practiced some barrel racing on my front pasture. I didn’t work her hard or fast because 1) she’s not ready 2) the ground is rocky and 3) I needed to work on her impatience issues. The camera wasn’t set on the correct setting so ya... I even crawled on Star bareback for old time’s sake... not a good idea. She is very high withered and I had flashbacks about why I didn't win many bareback classes in 4H!

Mercy and I went to our second gaming show yesterday. We had one big bad moment and a couple of really big good moments. I will update you all on that later! ;)

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Paint Girl said...

Sounds alot like the week I had last week! I also washed my horse trailer and all the vehicles. I did not get to bathe the horses or dogs. Something else I need to add to my to do list!