Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunday Gaming

Mercy and I ventured into the great unknown this weekend. Kinda. Sorta. We went gaming by ourselves! My dad did tag along in the morning until I got registered, but then he headed back home to finish other chores. We loaded up and headed out early so that Mercy would have plenty of time to get warmed up. Good thing we did because she was a handful. She loped nicely enough when I was in the warm arena. Once I got into the main arena, however, she could barely walk. There were too many distractions: horses zooming past, or stopping mid stride right in front of us and completing a rollback, the tractor moving the dirt around, and guys setting up the first course of the day. I finally got her to walk calmly when the called for the arena to be cleared.
Waiting for me to sign up for the day
Keyhole was first, so while waiting for our turn we practiced stopping and rollbacks. Things were going well and when our number was called we headed over to the course. I asked Mercy for her left lead while making a circle and the little bugger picked up her right lead! I didn't have enough room to correct her, as we had already crossed the timer line, so we changed plans. Unsuccessfully unfortunately. Once we got into the chalk outline Mercy didn't stop. Yup, we got our first No Time ever! Grrrr....

Eating the 'good stuff' at the bottom of the bag during a break

Even though we NTed and didn't place, we did make up some good time. This was the case for all of my other classes. Figure 8, Cal Stake, Flags, Barrels, ans Key Race were all run on the right lead, even though every time I had asked for and had practiced on the left. It worked out for barrels since that is the one event we go right first, but it sure was a pain. I knew I needed to correct her, but I just didn't want a fight yet. We are finally loping. I am alright with that. I know she can pick up the correct lead, but for now I let it go. Next time I will be more demanding. That should be fun, lol!!!

My dad came out again to drop off some Subway sandwiches and check on things. I really appreciate him doing this for me. It sure makes things easier. And other than the loose pony (who was "caught" by Mercy) and the loud, earthshaking, scary diesel trucks and motor homes driving by (which she got over with by the time we left) things went smoothly riding solo at the show.

Watching the scary motor home that had just passed
Anyway, here are our times for this latest show:

Keyhole~ 15.742 NT
Figure 8~ 18.007
Cal Stake~ 13.076
Flags~ 23.871
Barrels~ 22.136
Key Race~ 15.691

Overall, it was a great day! We bettered or equaled out run times since the last show and no one got hurt. I'd can that a day gone right! ;)

Mercy peeking around that corner to see where I had gone... to find shade


cowgirlwannabe said...

love the picture with her nose in the hay bag, sounds like you had fun anyway, here in Maine all we have is rain, not much horse fun going on

Paint Girl said...

It's all good experience for Mercy! And going solo, even better! She'll get used to all the sights and sounds. I really should do that more often with my 2, just take them to a couple shows, so that they can take all the commotion in! It'd just be good for them, even if I won't ever show again, which I am hoping too!!