Monday, August 17, 2009

It Wasn't Reining After All...

On Saturday, one day before our reining debut, a certain vehicle came to a screeching (well, more like rumbling, clanking) halt. We were headed over to our friends' place to fit in one last practice. I had just pulled onto the highway and was asking our F150 to get up and go because traffic was horrid and there were already other cars behind me. We were almost to 50mph when all of a sudden the truck quit accelerating. Then, the most hideous sound and knocking racked the truck. I quickly put on my turn signal and guided the truck to the shoulder. Up ahead was a business with a decent sized parking lot, a perfect place to pull off the highway. I pressed the gas pedal and it gave me enough to get us there.

Once I got into the empty lot I called my dad. He raced over to inspect the damage. He quickly determined that the spark plugs had met their end. Great. Normally, this wouldn't have been that big of a deal. Yeah, they're expensive to replace, but it isn't major damage. But, for my family, we have already had the pleasure of experiencing the curse of the F150 at least 3 times, with my sister's Lariat. *sigh*

Luckily my sister was home, so I called her and asked her to bring her truck over. When she pulled in, she immediately asked me if the truck had "angry gremlins under the hood." Yup, that's exactly how I would describe it, lmao! After blocking the trailer tires and raising the hitch, we unhooked "Pepe" and backed "Big Red" up. Thank goodness I reloaded the hay bag for this trip. Mercy stood completely content eating her hay throughout the whole ordeal. I think she knew she wasn't going to be worked, lol! ;)

My sister drove my dad's truck, "Old Blue," an older Dodge Dakota, home while I drove "Big Red" and Mercy home. What a weird feeling driving a 'different' F150. "Pepe" is a crew cab and "Big Red" is a super cab and I could tell. We took it slow getting home to avoid breaking another vehicle, quickly unloaded Mercy, and unhooked the trailer. Kimberly headed back out to tow "Pepe" home... and, of course, to rescue my dad, lol!

So, in the driveway "Pepe" remains. Hmmm... Yup. I decided not to drive to the reining show the next day, even though I could have used Kim's truck. I just don't trust it as a hauling vehicle. Plus, the freeway up there was reduced from 4 lanes to 1, for a couple of miles. It wasn't worth it. I still have a chance to attend a reining show this year. It's a weekend show in Lynden, which is quite a bit further away, but I want to rein!!!!! We'll have to wait to see what happens. Until then, I have a performance show on Saturday. I'm really excited for this show; they added a few trail classes! Our specialty! And thank goodness for walk/jog classes. I'll make sure to get some pics and write up a good post once I recover. ;)


Paint Girl said...

So sorry to hear about the truck! It always worries me that something will happen while hauling the horses!
I borrow my friends F-350 to haul over the mountain pass, I am sure our 1/2 ton could do it, but it would be a slow drive up the mountain. Our truck does a great job though! But I still worry about tire blowouts etc. Yesterday coming back from our trip a motorhome had a tire blowout right in front of me, tire pieces blew all over the place, I had to slow down quickly while the motorhome regained control and pulled over. Yes, I was hauling my horses! Freaked me out!

jrosey said...

Aw man! Darn cars! Hey, are you going to the SAFE show by chance? If so, maybe I'll see you there! I'll be the one with the goofiest dappled Arab!

cowgirlwannabe said...

Thats a bummer about your truck, try a Chevy next time :) Glad you and your horse were okay.

Cowgirl Sprat said...

Paint Girl~ OMG!!!! I'm glad they were able to regain control quickly enough to avoid any major issues. Hopefully the tire pieces weren't in your path! Glad you and your beautiful horses made it through that ordeal safely! It just solidifies my habit of leaving PLENTY of room between myself and the vehicle in front of me... you just never know what will happen to the person infront of you! Always helps to have a big truck too! ;)

jrosey~ I'm not going to that show unfortunately. I had already commited to a show in Enumclaw before I heard about the SAFE show's date and location. I would love to go next year though! Just depends on what happens with reining and gaming. Have a GREAT time with your Prince though! Can't wait to see pictures and hear how you both do at the show! Have fun!

comgirlwannabe~ Thanks! The funny thing is, is that if for some reason we didn't have a way to get the truck and trailer home right away, the trails that lead back to my place was right down the road, lol! I could have ridden her back bareback if I didn't have the tack, lol! That actually sounds kinda fun... I'll have to pass your advice on to my dad, who will probably be the one getting the next truck, LMAO! :)