Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun Fall Rides

Last Thursday, Mercy and I were able to head out for a quick ride in the sun. Star was not quite right yet, so she had to stay home, unfortunately. I had Mercy move out quickly from the property hoping she would take the hint about our pace for the day, but she slowed quickly. She still just didn't seem quite right either; her stride just isn't what it use to be. And, since she isn't 'lame,' I really don't know what to think. Boo.

Anyway, we hooked a right onto the creek trail and took our time wandering along it's banks. When we reached the tree bridge, Mercy decided that it looked like a good place to cross. Wrong! this bridge is definitely HUMAN safe only. The tree is pretty cool actually. Someone has wrapped the truck with chicken wire to decrease the risk of any slippage, as well as add a 'zip line,' which you can barely see on the right of the bridge, to aid in making it successfully to the other side. This is a great passage during the winter especially since the creek can get moving really quick and high.
After reaching the lake I decided to ride Mercy on the 'duck trail,' a trail that follows the line of the swamp that connects to the lake. This wetland area is always full of ducks and other water fowl. It's also not the easiest trail for green horses. This was the first time I had ever taken her on the trail since I have owned her, almost three years now. It is quite curvy, with lots of dips, hills, and massive trees that don't move when you push on them, lol! We just went really slow, picking our way through the roots, stumps, and scary frogs.
After making it to the end we took a left and loped up the hill to the top where we momentarily gazed over the lake. We rode out to the service road and took a few side trails. One trail is very steep down and very steep up. We took that trail; I love it! It is a little challenging going down, but once at the bottom I can only look forward to loping up the other side. I released Mercy to do her thing. I am still amazed at how fast she accelerates. It ALWAYS throws me back in the saddle, no matter how prepared I am. LOVE IT!!!! Once at the top, we headed down the service road and back home. Great ride.
Before the big storm of the week hit, my mom and I hit the trail. On Monday we decided to take Star on a test drive. All of her leg swelling is gone and she really needed to get out. We just took the creek trail to the left, which is soft on their feet and short- the winds had already picked up, so it was a win-win situation for everything!
While we rode along I spotted this annoying plant- ivy. How'd that get there?! I am not aware of any native species. Weird, I'll have to come back and keep an eye on it. Ivy grows like crazy here and I don't want it taking over the area.
Maybe I should just let Mercy eat it. I'm sure she wouldn't mind, lol! Nah.
We broke off the creek trail to head back home. When we were loping up a short hill, Mercy got a little carried away and her hind end slipped out form underneath her. She recovered just fine, but it sure was unexpected! Star did pretty good on this ride. I think my mom mentioned that she dropped her shoulders a few time, but her front feet were probably still hurting. Poor girl. And now the rain has set in. I guess that's good for Star, no rides for now.

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Pony Girl said...

Those pics remind me of our rides! I am SO bummed we haven't gotten out this fall, it is my favorite season! Horse injuries, weather, new's all been a bit much. Sigh. Those leaves are beautiful!