Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Gear!

I was just been surfing around on craigslist last week and I found this nice set. As you will learn once I get my clinic posts up (which are in the works, should have one up tonight or tomorrow AM), it was recommended that I pick up a bosal for next years clinic! Mercy and I are moving on, finally!

Anyway, I was going to save up some money and buy a custom bosal from a well known rawhide braider in WY, but I saw this and it is exactly what I wanted. The bosal is dark, flexible, and seems nicely balanced. The mecate is mane hair, although I can't really determine what the core is, whether mane or tail hair, and the colors of light and dark sorrel actually work with Mercy's coat perfectly! I was not too thrilled with the white specks, but they really don't take anything away from Mercy's masterpiece- her booty!

I need to break all of the pieces down and inspect them closer now. I'm not sure how long the mecate is, but if it's shorter than 23-24' I will most likely need to get a new one. Mercy's neck and gait are too long to have to bend over to accommodate the shorter reins. I also need to get a new bosal hanger. I would prefer one without a metal buckle. Especially after this Monday's ride where Mercy stepped on the reins (my fault, kinda) and broke my expensive headstall. Luckily, Mike's Western Suppliers was able to fix it up enough to last a little longer! Thanks guys!

That was a horrible way to end a good ride. We worked on simple lead changes and getting a lope after only a few walk strides in preparation for our reining show this weekend. Oh my.

BTW, I picked up some rawhide cream to use on the bosal (as was suggested by Ricky) but I also know I need a bosal shaper. Does anyone know if I use one before the other or use the cream and the shaper at the same time? Any advice is most appreciated!

Have a great weekend!


LatigoLiz said...

The mecate is probably plenty long...just need to get it adjusted right.

Ben might be able to make you a block. A soup can works in a pinch. Bring it over and I can help you get it all set up.

And you can make your own hanger. :) I can show you.

Cowgirl Sprat said...

I measured it today and it's 22' exactly. Once I get the bosal shaped I will tye it back on and check it out. If it won't work I will just have to put in an order with Sara Hagel! Darn! ;)

Great! That would be awesome if Ben could whip something up! I have my show on Sunday, but I will call you soon and we can figure out a time to play! lol! And making my own hanger, that would be amazing! Can't wait to see how. Thanks LL!

Anonymous said...

Get the rawhide cream on your bosal as soon as you can...doesn't matter right now if you have a block or not....main thing is to never let the rawhide get too dry. congrats on what looks like an awesome set!!