Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, I am working on my next post, about our reining show from May, but it will be a while before I finish it. This is because I finally have a full time job. Over a year after graduating from college, I scored a great job as a vet assistant at an animal hospital just down the road from where I live. Now I have 40+ hour work weeks and I am still trying to adjust to it. I am going to try posting once a week so I keep up with all of my stories, but no promises at this point.
Dang, I finally cherish and completely comprehend TGIF! Can't wait for the weekend!



Paint Girl said...

Congrats on the job!! That is very exciting news!!

Kerrin Koetsier said...

Well done on getting a new job, sounds great!

I also don't find that I get enough time to update my personal blog. I now keep a notebook in my bag, and whenever I've got a moment to write about my experiences, I jot it down in that notebook. When I do sit down at my blog around once or twice a month, I don't have to wrack my brain, as a lot of my experiences are already recorded! It works for me...

Kerrin Koetsier
Parelli Central