Friday, February 19, 2010

Still Catching Up: A Christmas-y Themed Ride

December 17th rolled around and it was time for another ride. I grabbed the girls right before their 'lunch time,' so they weren't that pleased to see me walking out to the barn. Star more so than Mercy:

Good thing I chose to ride Mercy that day! It wasn't long after we had hit the trail that Mercy spotted something 'not right' up ahead. What could it be?!

A tree! LOL! We had had a few breezy days and this tree obviously didn't make it. Yeah! A new jump!

Mercy decided to take a bite of the bark and slowly walk over it instead. Guess she wasn't warmed up yet. (And no, my jeans are not white, don't know why they look that light lol!)

Star was still looking quite irritated with the whole ordeal. How dare I take her away from her hay! Ugh!
Anyway, once we really started moving I noticed that the forest was full of Christmas colors and natural decorations!
These bushes were candy cane red and white, just not twisted:

And the Douglas Firs were all decked out in cone ornaments:

Even the 'naked' trees were getting into the holiday spirit with their moss garlands:

We only rode the short loop that day. Star's feet were a little ouchy on the hard ground and I didn't want to ride that long anyway- too much Christmas shopping left to do!
When I let the girls out next door they put on quite a show:

Mercy's done...
Star still rolling...
After checking out the back fence Mercy noticed I was still standing in their pasture...
Then decided to go past me instead and show off with some head flinging...
Finally Star got up... ewww...
Ummm... palomino what?...
Guess I deserved that Star, fair enough! :)

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