Monday, March 22, 2010

Catching Up: Water Works

It was the last day of February and even though the air was brisk, the horses were looking for a little fun. We headed over to the lake to let them splash around. And splash around they did! Even Starlett, who doesn't like the water that much, got in on the fun!

Mercy pretty much dove into the lake! She couldn't get wet fast enough. Look at the water fly!

And then she dunks her whole head into the water, all the way up to her eyes! She often submerges her whole head and then blows bubbles. Someday I will get a video of it! It's just too funny! Here she is coming up from her first round of bubble blowing:

And then she drip dries while figuring out a way to trick me into going closer to the grass...

Starlett knows her game and doesn't approve, so Mercy gets a wet muzzle bump on the butt to remind her who's boss.

After all of that hard work playing in the lake, a good roll on the spring grass is called for!

Oh that must feel so good! :)

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Pony Girl said...

That is so funny she dunks her head to her eyes!! My horse likes to stop at my sister's mare's water trough, and he plays with the water (and drinks) then plays, and plays, I think he's stalling because he knows we are on our way to the arena, LOL!
Thank you for the sweet comment on my last post! I did not know that I was someone's favorite, that makes me feel SO special! I am hopeful that I will return to blogging in the future! I will still be visiting blogs too- I can't quit the entire blogging world, it's just too wonderful! ;)