Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Short Vacation From Blogger

I was almost caught up on all of my big riding stories... and now I am going to take another break. We have had a lot going on, from hitting up some local schooling shows to making it to our first reining show to getting ready for a horsemanship clinic with Ricky Quinn! Mercy and I will be heading out Friday morning and will be riding, riding, riding until late Monday. I promise a great write up and hopefully a whole bunch of pictures when I return next week!

Wish us luck! :)


Paint Girl said...

Good luck and have fun!

Practicalrider said...

I am just amazed at how much your appaloosa looks like ours. They could be twins.

Here is a pic of him at

Just scroll down a tad.

Here is his allbreedpedigree page. Bet they are close in bloodlines.

Cowgirl Sprat said...

Practicalrider~ Oh how I wish I could track down her pedigree! She is too nice of a horse to not have papers, or a history. I still look around and ask questions where ever I go, but have no leads as to finding out who she really is... but ypu are so right, your guy and Mercy sure do look like twins! Thanks for sharing that info on him too; I love looking at bloodlines, especially when photos are available too!

Cowgirl Sprat said...

btw- your website is wonderful! I can't wait to point my friends that way!