Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mercy!

Mercedes is 'unofficially' 7 today! I say unofficially because as many of you know I don't have papers for her. I was told by her previous owner that she was born in April, but the exact date was not known. Since 15 is my favorite number, that's her 'new' birth date!

7 is not old for a horse by any means, and sometimes I get discouraged about our progress, but what I have to remember is that not only did she come to me with 'baggage,' I was also in school across the state for over a year before I could really work with her like she should have been. So really, at 7 she is right where she should be. And that's fine with me!

Enjoy your birthday mash, sweetie!



Paint Girl said...

Happy Birthday Mercy!!
7 is a great age, it doesn't matter how far you have gotten with her, but how far you guys will go!!
We bought Fritzy when she was 7, totally green broke, she didn't even know how to whoa or trot. Yes, she was saddle broke, but that was about it! Brandy was given to me when she was 9. She had been in the same pasture her whole life. Only ridden maybe 9 times, yep, once a year for 9 years. It has taken years, but I am so happy with how far she has come along. She would be even further along if I had an indoor arena to ride in!
Here's to many more great years for you and Mercy!

Ellen Mosier said...

Hey Jacqui, I didn't realize you had a blog. It is great, I love the photos of your horses.

When you feel discouraged, don't think about where she was yesterday or last month, think about how much has changed since you got her. That is when you will see how very far you have come. I have to remind myself that with Tsina too.
You and Mercy looked great on Sunday at the clinic.
xo Ellen

Pony Girl said...

Happy birthday to Mercy! Did she get some extra treats? Seven is a great age! Not too young, but not getting over the hill, like my spotted boy! ;) I think there is no time limit on when a horse matures or is trained, there are SO many factors that help shape them. The important thing is that you are happy with her progress and your growth together, and it sounds like you are!