Sunday, March 22, 2009

Annual Vet Check

On Thursday, we had Dr. Bob DeWard from Mt. Rainier Equine out to our place to administer the girls annual vaccines and to check their teeth. Because Star has had a reaction to the vaccines in the past, we decided to split up the vaccine so we could try and determine what was causing the problem. Dr. Bob also gave Star a dose of banamine to try and prevent any reaction. he thought it was either the RhinoFlu vaccine or possibly the rabies vaccine, so both of those were done. All of the others will be done this coming Friday. And since they were coming back to our place to vaccinate Star, they decided to split Mercy's vaccines up too.

We decided to go ahead and get both of the horses floated too. They were at the point where Dr. Bob could have not done anything yet, but since we ride so much in the summer, I didn't want to have any behavior problems come up and need to make a second vet call for the year. So I grabbed Mercy and handed her over to Julie, but not before she felt the need to inspect all of the tools in front of her stall.
Mercedes, the sweetheart, needed two doses of sedative to get relaxed enough that Dr. Bob could work on her teeth with his neato-teeth-grinding power tools! He got done with her teeth in not too much time to the great relief of Star and Chai who constantly supervised this whole ordeal.
After having her mouth rinsed, her lips dried, and her muzzle kissed, Mercy went to sleep... with her kind legs crossed precariously, of course.... which, I guess, isn't that unusual for her, lol!
Last up was Starlett. When she got her dose of 'nighty night juice' she went limp fast. It took a little effort to get her to stand somewhat square so she wouldn't fall down, but once she did Dr. Bob went to work on her teeth. Last year he discovered a chip missing from one of her molars, but he thought it looked like it was growing out in great shape this time around! Yes!Star took a nice, LONG nap after we were all done for the day. I must say I am glad that only happens once a year at the most. Even though Dr. Bob is super with everything he does, the horses are just never quite right for a day or two afterwards.... it cuts into my riding time when I am home on break, oh well....This is what Mercy thought of it when all was said and done: Mehhh....

At least I have two happy and healthy horses for another year! :P

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