Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mother Nature needs to be put on the naughty chair

The snow's no big deal, I guess. I do enjoy it's tranquility and quiet stillness. But seriously, it's one week away from the start of my spring break (and major Mercedes tune-up) and I need to be able to get over Snoqualmie Pass in one piece with my Ford Mustang unscathed just one more time before graduation. Until the day the snow ceases in time for spring, seriously this time, I get to get some extra exercise walking from my apartment to school to work and back again... in the thick, heavy snow and my slick, worn out skater shoes- not a good combination but a great work out, lol! Anyway, here are some pictures from WSU's campus that I took on my walk back from work tonight.

The new mega-sized cougar statue out in front of the newly renovated Martin Stadium:

On Stadium Way walking on the unshoveled sidewalks. I know I am being picky here, but we students pay how much to not have a clear way to and from school?! Ya, that's what I thought:

And just for kicks, here is a photo I took a few weeks ago. The snow berms were finally made in the parking lot below my apartment and this kid decided that every parking spot the was open in the lot wasn't good enough. So, he drove his rig up the snow bank and parked it. I am not kidding when I say this bank was at least 10 feet tall. It did look pretty neat. Plus, it was funny watching him try to get back in his truck with a pizza in his hands!:

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Latigo Liz said...

We had snow here, too. Hope you can get home. :) Been crazy around here. Looking forward to catching up at some point!