Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Knees and Rain

We finally broke down and did it. We injected Star's knees. After such a long time being off-and-on lame, as well as stumbly, we decided to give this a chance. Dr. DeWard came out on Friday morning and took good care of my yellow one. Both horses also got their fall RhinoFlu shot. I wasn't there to watch, but supposedly Star was really good for everything. She's on stall/paddock rest for 5 days, then we can start reintroducing her to work. Until then, Mercy and I can't go for rides unless someone is home to wrangler the crazy stallion mare. Star will run herself into a full body sweat when Mercy and I head out alone, which usually I could care less about, but now, since she's supposedly 'resting' and not supposed to be active, we have only been on one ride.

Our ride was only possible thanks to TrailridinRN. She haltered up Star and hand grazed her while Mercy and I headed out last rainy Sunday. Mercy was going stir-crazy in her stall/paddock, being all couped up with Gimpy. I think she knew what was up when I pulled her out of her stall cause she stood stock still while I groomed her up. She also willingly, with enthusiasm, walked up to the garage to saddle up. My dad held her while I got my Outback on, my mom grabbed Star, and we headed out.

Right out of our back gate Mercy was ready to go. We trotted all the way to the main trail! if you recall, the last couple of times we headed out alone Mercy has REALLY poked along leaving the house. We got to the creek in record time and ran up the hill to the wooded trails. We trotted faster than I think she can canter (and thank goodness she doesn't have a 'death trot,' no matter how fast she goes) almost to the next service road when we heard what was up ahead. Big rigs and gravel equipment. I couldn't tell how close they were, so we took a trail to the left and walked a loop back to the service road.

Instead of heading back home, we crossed the road and completed a few switchbacks. We ended up at the top of the gravel hill by the lake. After letting a biker pass, we headed down. She decided she didn't want to go to the lake so we continued our way back home, after long trotting up yet another service road. As soon as we got home it started to sprinkle. Perfect.

Since that ride, I have only jumped on bareback for a few laps around the pasture and a few spins. Oh, and I guess we herded Star around too. She needed a dose of her own medicine. ;)

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