Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ride Along the Creek

Last evening, TrairidinRN and I headed out for a short ride. I guess the impending sunset decided this, not us. We rode on the creek trail, to the left, which is a nice short loop. We rode along for a while and found a neat scene where some young maples had slumped over and had been taken over by tons of bright green moss. I passed my camera over to my mom and tried to position Mercy so we could hit the light just right. Well, after quite a while of taking pictures, we moved on.

At some point I decided that Mercy's cinch was too loose and jumped off to tighten it. Of course, this became a photo op, lol! I was pretty much unaware of this until I went to get back on. Thank goodness I can turn away quickly! No, really I don't mind that much. I'm just not use to someone else holding the camera. After scolding Mercy for trying to eat the ferns, I jumped up and we continued down the trail.

I'm not quite sure why I am leaning to the left so much here but I would take a guess that I was avoiding a floating spider. I do that a lot. Dodging spiders strung along and in the path of the trail has almost become a crazy game. Can't deny that I usually win... ;)
After leaving the creek trail we swung back onto a trail that would take us home. After attempting to run up a pretty steep, but short hill (Mercy trotted the whole thing, lazy butt...) we took a detour to get one more shot. The vine maples in the area are just spectacular right now, so Mercy and I posed for the shot. Turned out quite nice. The trees should have even more vibrant color as the fall season wears on, so we will be back again.

Today, the girls had it easy. Eat. Sleep. Poop. Eat some more. Poop some more. Misting from the hose by mom to keep them cool in this unusually hot fall weather. Eat.

Tomorrow they won't be so lucky! :)


jrosey said...

Looks like a pretty ride! Can't believe this warm weather we're having, but I'm LOVING it!

cowgirlwannabe said...

You are fortunate to have such pretty trails near you to ride on. Love your appy.

Paint Girl said...

Another great ride! You do have really pretty trails.
I hear you on dodging the floating spiders! I am constantly doing that also. I hate getting cobwebs in my face and hate the spiders even more!

Cowgirl Sprat said...

jrosey~ The weather has certainly been cooperative so far for this time of the year, huh!? Lovin it too! And lookin for more!

Cowgirlwannabe~ Thanks! I really appreciate being able to ride out at anytime. Plus, these trails seem to help train your horse much more than some can. You will almost always meet bikers, hikers, dogs, kids, and wild animals on every ride. That is a lot of exposure for every horse, no matter the age or ability.

Paint Girl~ I usually don't mind the webs touching me, unless it's across my eyelashes or mouth, ick, but ya, when a spider gets on me I FREAK! Mercy is such a saint when I spaz!