Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekly Riding Report!

Last Friday, Mercy and I continued our solo rides out on the trails. She moved out REALLY slow when we left. I thought she might have been sore because of her new shoes, so I let her meander along. We headed over to the lake so we could enjoy the sweet summer blackberries. On our way there, we stopped so Mercy could eat some grass. I wasn't going to stop, but she was being real good. Good horses deserve good rewards, lol! I know this pic's blurry, but I like it: Then, we walked over to the lake. We got into the lake and she thought she heard something:

Then she went back to playing in the water:

After eating a few berries a little way further up the trail, we headed home. Of course she walked briskly. *sigh* :
After meeting a biker headed to the lake (a minor distraction, thank goodness) we found our way home as the sun began to set.
Then, on Sunday, TrailRidinRN and I headed back out onto the trail. I very skillfully bribed my mom into riding first this day. ;P Little did she know, at the time, that the creek trail was full of spiders stretched across the trail. I have to share the fun, don't I?!?
In reality, Mercy was once again very slow and not really her usual high-paced self. Star felt the need to walk with lots of life, so onto the front of the line she went! Tee hee!
On Monday, I took Mercy for another solo ride. She was again very slow and never really moved out. Since she was taking her time moving forward I decided we would go to the creek again, but this time we would go to the new trail, following the creek to the left. She did a wonderful job picking through the rocks and roots crossing the trail. On the way home she picked up some energy, of course, but quickly and quietly came back to a more easy going walk when I asked her to. While we were gone, Star worked her self up into a full body lather. That was a really bad day for her. Nothing was going right for her.
Finally, my sister and I headed out for a short trail ride yesterday. We did the same ride I had just done with Mercy. Pretty uneventful ride. A little faster, but still enjoyable.
I'm house/horse sitting today and tomorrow, Star is getting knee injections tomorrow, and then the rains come in for the weekend, but as soon as I can ride again Mercy and I will begin our log dragging exercises! Fun fun!

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Paint Girl said...

Sounds like you had good trail rides! I haven't been on a trail ride in weeks! Yikes! I have been so busy with other things. We were hoping to get out this weekend, but it is supposed to rain all weekend.