Friday, January 29, 2010

Taking Advantage of The Situation

Of the snow situation that is! The day after the snow lightly covered the ground, I had had enough of the whole not riding thing. I was going to go! I will admit that I was a little nervous, it was still very slick and super frozen. I decided to ride Star and pony Mercy even though Star was the one most likely to have a misstep- I just wasn't comfortable riding Mercy on her first even snow ride all by myself. We started down the trail and it wasn't too bad at all:

I steered Star to the lake for our quick winter ride. We rode around almost to the 'new' city park and stopped to let them eat some frozen grass while I took some pictures. The lake was frozen solid in this little inlet. I'm sure it wouldn't be strong enough to walk on, but it was pretty impressive to see it this covered over.

After watching the birds wander around the lake's edge and letting the girls grab a few more bites, we headed back home. I loved seeing all of the people and animal tracks in the snow:

We followed the creek from the lake until we got to the 'pond.' The water was really running fast and high, so no swimming today. Plus, with the snow to it's edge, no thanks, too cold!

Where's Mercy?!:

It's a good thing I didn't lose her that day. Her camo is too good- I don't think I would have ever been able to see her, lol!

Coming out of the tall trees the snow was quite a bit heavier on the trail. I made Star move really slow and watch her feet.

Here's that refrozen mud I described in an earlier post:

You can really see how the horses would just fall through for an inch or two. Luckily I was able to get them to walk to the side where it was more grassy and solid.

Of course Star was looking too cute against the harsh winter backdrop not to snap this pic:

More mud cave-ins:

We all got back in one piece and chilled to the bone. The snow at our place had melted away with a brief sun break so the girls got turned out for a good roll naked. I regretted that later. Oh well.

It was a super fun ride. Wish TrailridinRN could have come too. I still hope we get one more snow spat before winter's officially over. I haven't had the chance to wear my new snow boots! ;)

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