Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well It's Been Cold Enough!

On December 13th we finally got snow! Here's proof!:

OK, well, it probably wasn't snow technically, but it was frozen precipitation! Java, our 8 year old Boxer, LOVES the snow! I think he would have been much happier if he had been born a Huskie.
He has quite a bit of arthritis in his hips and hind legs, plus an old knee injury, so to keep him from getting too stiff we 'blanket' him when he goes out in the cold. While we were trying to find a new coat for him he got to wear his old show cooler. (But come on, we all know it's really a cape!) It kept him drier at least:

The horses got their winter blankets on so they could go out to the snow covered pasture. I really like to keep them clean and dry, just in case I get a chance to ride.

Java and I walked back and forth from the house hauling hot water out to the barn. The ice breakering and hauling out water had become a daily (or twice daily) chore. Our water lines out to the barn had long been frozen at this point. While walking back to the house for the last time I snapped this pic of Java, one of the few I think I will ever get of him in 'action!'
Notice the WSU Cougar collar, that's right!

Of course he has to stop and eat some snow on the way back out to the barn...

When I was done cleaning Java helped me bring the girls back to the barn. Mercy, the darling, doesn'y really like Java's cape. She follows him around trying to touch him, and unfortunately I have no doubt she would go after him. That thing on him is so threatening! *snort* She is WAY to suspisious for her own good...

After Java noticed that she was basically on top of him, he ran behind me and stayed by my side. Good boy! I protected him from the Spotted One until we left the barn. I threw the girls a little hay and back inside to the fireplace Java and I went.

Mercy must have wanted to come in too, because she was standing outside in the snow while Star at all the hay. *sigh*

Silly girl. :)

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M. said...

At least all Java ate this time was snow! He's eaten grosser things!