Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trailering Out Into The Cold

Three days after our last ride, my mom and I decided to venture back into the cold for another trail ride. We decided to trailer out to the Landsburg trails, hoping they were less frozen. Plus, riding down to the pipeline would mean flat, open, and easy-to-ride areas. And, if we got lucky, we might get a peak of SUN!

We tacked up quickly after arriving at the trail head and stuffed our socks and gloves with hand and toe warmers. I think both girls were as eager as us to get out and stretch their legs.

We rode down to the pipeline where the sun welcomed us to ride further. The shadowed areas were still frosty and completely uninviting. Needless to say, we stayed on the side with the sun.
Stopped for a quick photo in the sun (Wow Starlett's clean!):
Mercy was more interested in the dry, crunchy grass...

After crossing a road and riding through a few gates, we continued on. This blueish building has been here on the side of the trail forever. Star and I used to ride past it all of the time when we boarded out here a long time ago. Back then it didn't have a fence around it... so of course it is much scarier now. Go figure. Usually nervous around it, Mercy could care less this time.

We meandered down the road until the taller trees prevented the sun's rays from reaching us, so we turned around and headed back the way we came. We found a trail that neither of us could remember was there before, so we took it. I knew it would hook up with the 'Putman trail' but didn't really know where. It was nice in the trees and hearing the Cedar River down below. The trail looped back around to the pipeline at the scary blue building after maybe a quarter mile. We were glad to reemerge on the pipeline, it was getting mighty chilly!

After crossing the road and going through the gates again, we took a trail into the hills to make our way back to the trailer. It was a short ride, especially for all the 'trouble' of hauling out, but it was very cold and we were all happy to get home. All I have left to say about this ride is thank goodness for toe and hand warmers! They really do make outdoor activities in the winter a pleasure again!

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Pony Girl said...

I'm so glad you made it out! I wish I could drag my sister out for a winter trail ride! :) She is not a huge fan of the cold, she has to work in it all day! The hand warmers really help.
I loved seeing your Appy hiney in those pics! Mercy and My Boy would look great on a trail ride together, I think! ;)