Saturday, April 4, 2009

Enjoying the SUN!!!!

Wow! What a difference one day makes here on the Palouse. Yesterday it was sunny, but still cold and windy. Two days ago it snowed multiple inches over night.Today we got above 50*! YES! :) It felt like a vacation to somewhere tropical compared to what we kids have been dealing with the last couple of months.

So today I went out with some friends to watch the WSU Cougars Scrimmage. It was great to get into the football mood again. We saw a lot of players that we recognized from last year, plus a few newbies who were definitely holding their own and more. I must say, I think we have finally found a decent kicker-or two! Here are some pics from this morning:
The guy at the bottom of this pic looks very pleased with himself holding that down marker, lol...

I know they are hard to see, but there were these two kids running up and down the stadium stairs... I see football in their future if they like doing stairs that much! And, I kid you not when I say they went up and down every row twice around the stadium without stopping once! I wish we all had that much energy...
After the 'game' was over we headed over to the vet hospital to get free stuff. They were having a tour and had booths out, so we loaded up on free samples and goodies, mainly candy! YES! There was a lot of good informational displays and of course they had the live cow and horse painted on to show the skeleton and digestive tract of each. The canine police demo had just wrapped up when we left, so we headed over to Ferdinand's instead. BIG mistake. Actually, what the hell were we thinking? Ice cream on Mom's weekend. Ya, we got there and the line was wrapping around the building. No thanks... we live here everyday. We'll be hitting it again on Monday, with no lines or waiting....

Out of luck, we went over to the craft fair being held in Beasley Coliseum. Unfortunately, unless you like the soap slices, iron work, or jewelry, there wasn't much there. So we left quickly from that and on our way back we say this guy, climbing the side of one of the buildings:

He went up three stories before we decided to leave.

After getting back to our cars, we went our separate ways. I hit up Subway ($5 foot long!!!!) and have been doing laundry and dishes ever since. There are two magpies building a nest behind my apartment, so I fed them some of my stale bread, mostly to get them to shut up. But I do enjoy them, so I don't mind giving them a head start on their nestlings for the year. Anyway, tomorrow I will be starting, and hopefully finishing, a few papers. If I have some time, I will continue the 'how Mercy fell into our lives' story too. ;)

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