Thursday, April 2, 2009


This coming weekend is Mom's Weekend at WSU and usually I go home to be with my mom instead of staying here and listening to drunken fools yell all night long right outside my bedroom window. This year, however, flights out of both the Spokane and Pullman airports are overbooked. So, I will not be going home this weekend to watch the 4Hers game. Oh well, I'll be able to hit up the next show, hopefully.

It's probably the way it needs to be anyway since we got around 5 inches of snow last night and Snoqualmie Pass is currently closed in both directions because of the winter weather. This means that all of those desperate parents heading to WSU for a special weekend with their kids are going to buy any 'oversold' ticket they can in order to get here. Ya, driving's just not going to cut it this year....

Since I am not going to be able to report any new rides or training, or upload any 'new' pictures, I have decided to share a few photos I took while going from Pullman to Western Washington for spring break this year. I wasn't able to leave WSU until 4pm that Friday, which is when my vet anatomy lab was released. This actually made for an interesting lighting opportunity for pictures along the way. I know some of these are random, but I like them all for some reason. ;)

Just outside of Pullman and coming up on Colfax:
Going along on I-90 somewhere around the Moses Lake area:Drive-by of the Wild Horse Monument at Vantage (the Columbia River):
Just starting the climb up the other side of Vantage:
Finally making my way down into the Kittitas Valley and closer to the Cascades:

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