Monday, April 27, 2009

Going All Out

Finally! A horse related weekend! I was able to fly home so I didn't have to be stuck moping around Pullman Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, my mom and I drove out to Reber Ranch to pick up some hay. We are finally on the last few bales of our local hay which was bought last summer. We have come across some more but we will run out before we are able to pick it up, so we were 'forced' to buy some from the feed store. I was also looking for some new barrel racing reins, but they didn't have what I was looking for. Bummer.

After we purchased the hay (and fly spray...) we headed over to the arenas where a 4H show was taking place. Most of the members from my 4H club, Wranglers and Riders, were showing, well, waiting to show. The english classes were just finishing up, so we had missed those classes. Next was jumping, which took too long to set up. We had to leave before the western started, but we at least got to hang out with some of the younger members in the warm-up arena. I helped lounge a junior member's mare, who was feeling a little too good in the wet, brisk morning air, and offer them a few encouraging words as they got up and rode around in the intimidating environment (senior 4H members, lol!).

When we got home we saddled up for a ride. We decided to ride the 'big loop' so I headed out towards the lake. We stopped by the creek and Mercy insisted we go in. Of course I had the camera, so no pictures, but it was fun to let her splash around and blow bubbles for a while. Then we headed up the service road which is on the side of a hill. Usually, I just allow Mercy to lope up it, or long trot if I feel she needs the extra work. This day I decided to let her go all out instead. I didn't give her any more cues than I usually do when asking her to move out other than saying 'Let's go' under my breath. I know I think all horses are fast, but OMG! She shot off like Star does when barrel racing. What a thrill to finally let her go and trust her abilities to stay up and ride straight ahead!

Once we slowed down we walked off into the woods to get to the train tracks. When we reached the tracks we had another opportunity to lope. I asked her into a ground covering, but easy lope. She wanted to go fast again, but once I shut her down one time that was it. I was even able to get her to slow down to a very nice slow, but solid lope until we broke to a trot once we saw some kids ahead. They turned around and we continued to follow them until they were out of sight once again.

We worked our way off the tracks, stopped for a bite of juicy, green, spring grass (well, they did, not my mom and I), and continued down the trail. I decided to see if Mercy would go to creek bank where Java, our boxer, usually stops for a drink. Mercy thought that was a good idea too until she saw more shrubbery that needed pruning around the creek shore.

Next time we take this trail I will need to make sure to take a picture of all of the bike 'decorations' strategically placed all about. It is quite amusing! The newest addition is a chandelier made of bike reflector which has been hung from the canopy of Douglas Firs. I'm quite impressed to be honest.

When we got back, we unsaddled the horses and let them clean up what our tractor couldn't reach...
...Or whatever Mercy decided was good....
...And turned them out at the neighbor's to romp around where Mercy quickly claimed Star's rolling place as her own......And showed us that she wasn't done running and goofing off for the day!On Sunday, we didn't ride because I had to leave back to school earlier than normal. My friend was driving back to Pullman that afternoon and offered me a ride, so I had to be ready to leave when ever she decided to call. Heading to the barn to turn the horses out next door for some better grass, their cute whinnies and pitiful stares reminded me of how grateful I am to be able to have horses, but especially these two. How could you resist them!? (btw-I don't know how that cone got there...)


Paint Girl said...

I so remember those 4-H days! How could anyone forget? Wonderful memories though!
Sounds like you had a wonderful ride!
We also buy local grass hay and try to stock up as much as we can. We don't have much hay storage so end up having to buy the expensive stuff by January! Can't wait for first cutting!

Pony Girl said...

I love that you loped on the trail ride....I'm not quite brave enough to do that, LOL! I prefer the mellow, leisurely, walking rides ;)
I love the last two photos of them watching you as you drove away. I think they will miss you!