Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Pictures

In preparation for participating in some Silent Sundays, Skywatch Fridays, and Wordless Wednesdays, I have been trying to get my camera figured out to maximize it's and my potential. Here is what I have from yesterday and today. I was going to try and get some action shots of my friend Jordan's Dalmatian, Krash. They participated in an AKC dog show this weekend in Lewiston and I headed down there with a friend to cheer them one. We got down there, but things didn't go as planned and Krash's day in the ring was short. This means no pics of him. Bummer.


Paint Girl said...

Nothing like a good sunset! Beautiful!
This is my first time visiting you, looks like I have some catching up to do!

Cowgirl Sprat said...

Thanks! Luckily I have only been blogging since January, but as you know that doesn't really mean much when the posts get REALLY long, LOL!

Thanks for stopping by too. I love hearing what other people have to say or suggest, so chime in anytime!